Mozilla Thunderbird


Simply follow the steps below to set up your email account in Mozilla Thunderbird.

1.)    Under the Create a new account heading select Email


Now you will see the ‘Welcome to Thunderbird’ pop up window as shown below.

1.)    Click the Skip this and use my existing email button



Now you will see the ‘Mail Account Setup’ pop up window as shown below.

1.)    Enter the name you would like to be displayed when you email

2.)    Enter your email address

3.)    Enter your password

4.)    Check the Remember password box

5.)    Click Continue


Thunderbird will automatically detect the server settings

1.)    Click the Manual config button


Now you need to configure the server settings as shown below.

1.)    Change the incoming dropdown box to read POP3

2.)    Type in the Incoming mail server address box

3.)    Type 110 in the Incoming server port box

4.)    Under SSL select None

5.)    Type in the Outgoing mail server address box

6.)    Type 25 in the Outgoing server port box

7.)     Under SSL select None

8.)     Under Authentication select No authentication

9.)    Click the Re-test button



1.)    After the re-test completes click the Done button


Because of the current mail server settings at Scorch Otago you will see the screen shown below.

1.)    Click I understand the risks.

2.)    Click Done to start using Mozilla Thunderbird