Plans and Services


Perfect for

  • Keeping in touch by email
  • Surfing the internet
  • Online banking

$59* / month

15 GB


Perfect for

  • Surfing the internet
  • Uploading photos
  • Skype video calling

$79* / month

50 GB

Surf +

Perfect for

  • On-demand content
  • Skype and Youtube
  • Online games

$99* / month



Perfect for

  • HD streaming
  • International content
  • Heavy internet usage

$149* / month


Fast Net

Basic plan ideal for day to day internet use such as email, online banking, web browsing etc. With speeds of up to 2Mbps and a monthly 15GB data allowance.

Extra data can be purchased at $10 per 10GB

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Services Available


Fast internet delivered through the latest wireless technology, beamed from our mountain top access points to a small dish installed on your property*.

great solution for those located in rural areas where high speed fixed line services are not available.

*Requires line of site view to one of our access points

DSL (fixed line)

Traditional fixed line services delivered over the existing copper telephone network.

Available nationwide depending on your distance from the local exchange


Ultra fast broadband delivered via the fibre optic network. Only available in certain areas.

  • Custom Connections and Point to Point links

    Contact us today for a custom solution to meet your needs.

  • Equipment and Installation

    A professional installer will come to your residence or business and install the necessary equipment and test it with your devices.

Extra info

  • Wireless Router

    We can provide either an Ubiquiti Air Gateway at the cost of $100 or an Ubiquiti Air Router at a cost of $150 incl gst.

  • Installation

    Our standard installation fee is $250 incl gst.

  • Early termination fee

    An early termination fee of $200 incl gst applies for termination within the initial 12 month term.

  • Changing Plans

    Need more data or faster speed? Simply contact us and we will upgrade your plan.

  • Terms and Conditions.

    All services are subject to our terms and conditions. Fair use policy applies to our unlimited data plans.